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Oct 1, 2013

Use Blue Lights on Your Forklifts to Keep Workers Safe

On October 17, Cromer Material Handling will celebrate 25 years in business! We are thankful to our many loyal customers for that success. We look forward to 25 more years supplying Northern California with its material handling equipment.

This month, we're talking about one thing you can do to improve forklift safety. One simple thing that makes the entire warehouse safer.

It's called a "Blue Light."

What's a Blue Light Do?

A Blue Light is an LED spotlight that mounts on a forklift. It shines a light on the floor a few feet in front of, or behind your forklift as it moves.

This big blue spot on the floor acts as a warning: "Blue Light! Forklift Approaching!"

When workers are heads down, they can see the blue light moving on the floor and know a forklift's coming. They can stop and safely let the forklift pass.

Want to see a blue light in operation? Take a look at this video (only 39 seconds long):
Blue LED Safety Spotlight for Forklifts

How Blue Lights Keep Workers Safe

This kind of light helps keep everyone aware of their surroundings. You can see them before you could ever see a forklift - between warehouse racks, out of loading trucks, and around corners.

Better awareness leads to fewer bumps, fewer feet run over, and fewer crashes.

Do your forklifts carry blue safety lights? If not, we have some. Cromer now carries blue safety lights as an add-on for all forklifts we sell. The lights are low-power, and will plug into any forklift model.

Let's all avoid injuries and crashes. I want to keep you as my customer for the next 25 years!

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3 Cromer Safety Training Sessions Left in 2013 - Are You Signed Up?

We mention safety lights and similar procedures in our Safety Training courses.

If you're attending a training session, ask us about installing Blue Lights.

The remaining 2013 sessions are on October 18, November 22 and December 13. Call 510-534-6566 x239 to sign your crews up.

Cromer Deal of the Month: CATERPILLAR 3-WHEEL ELECTRIC WITH ONLY 4100 HOURS - $10,950

Our September Deal of the Month is a used Caterpillar 3-wheel electric forklift. This truck was made in 2000, and has only 4100 hours on it.usedcat004

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