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Oct 28, 2013

Life-Sized Forklift Boss Placard

Marshall Cromer here. I'm at a management group meeting in St. Louis right now. The boys here surprised me with this. Life-sized Forklift Boss placard. Any doubt who's the Forklift Boss now? This bad

Cromer Blog
Jul 10, 2013

Are Forklifts "Made in America" Better?

Happy Independence Day! This week we celebrate the founding of our nation, and what it means to be an American. "Made in America" used to mean the highest quality product. You knew you had the best, b

Cromer Blog
Jun 7, 2013

Facts About Propane

Everyone knows propane. We use it to power everything from barbecues to fleets of forklifts. There’s a lot more to propane than a tank and a hose, though. Do you know how to tell if a propane tank is