How do we choose the right forklift? What should we avoid doing in the warehouse? Cromer Videos will help you answer these and other material handling questions.

Watch me Take a BYD Electric for a Spin!

Jungheinrich's EKX 516K Turret Truck: Going Up

2 Shifts on 1 Charge: The Jungheinrich Guarantee

The Forklift Boss Featured on CBS "Good Day Sacramento" - January 27, 2014 From the Cromer Manteca Location

Choose the Right Forklift with Marshall Cromer

How's This for "Creative" Material Handling?

This is NOT a good idea. A crane lowering a bulldozer down off a bridge. Of course, things don't go according to plan...

Forklift Product Classes - Know Your Forklifts

Watch the Forklift Boss take you through 5 classes of forklifts, from battery-powered indoor lifts to rough-terrain outdoor trucks. Knowing which product class can help you find the right type of forklift for your location.

Class 1 - Electric Sit-Down (Great for Indoor Use)

Class 2 - Electric Narrow-Aisle Orderpickers (Great for Grocery Industry)

Class 3 - Electric Walkie Jack (To Load and Unload)

Class 4 - Internal Combustion Cushion-Tire Trucks (Smooth or Tread Tires)

Class 5 - Internal Combustion Pneumatic-Tire Trucks (Indoor/Outdoor Use)

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