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California Storage Systems joint-ventured with Cromer since 2010. Since the beginning of 2015, Cromer Material Handling owns California Storage Systems. Chuck Davies is now our Vice President of Allied. Chuck has 30 years in the Rack, Shelving, & allied products business. Cromer Material Handling is a complete material handling package to fit your budget.
Warehouse Design, Rack and Shelving

Professional Warehouse Design and Supply

Moving to a new facility and starting from scratch can be a very stressful endeavor. A partnership with Cromer Material Handling will help ease the transition. Not only can we provide you with the materials necessary, but we can help with the full design of your warehouse as well: making full use of your new space to ensure maximum efficiency and production.

We have all the tools necessary to bring your materials handling vision to life through expert warehouse design. In-house Engineers can help with nearly everything, including CAD drawings, permits and even seismic calculations.

A partnership with Cromer Material Handling makes the formula simple:











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