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3 mobile tire presses to serve Northern California. Tires to fit every budget and every application, with fast response time. High-quality recaps for cost-conscious customers also available.

Forklift Tires Pressed At Your California Location

Cromer Material Handling is mobile and ready to help with all your forklift tire needs. Most jobs can be done at your site with our mobile tire press, so forklift downtime is greatly minimized.

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Don't Let Worn Forklift Tires Affect Your Productivity and SAFETY!

Tires dramatically affect Lift Truck performance...

  • Different compounds offer different levels of traction.
  • Fuel consumption is seriously affected by the rolling resistance of the tires.
  • Shock transmitted through your forklift is related to the hardness of the tires and affects maintenance costs and downtime of equipment.
  • Different tire widths and tread patterns can provide more stability and increase carrying capacity.

Is it time to replace some forklift tires?

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