Major Interval Service

Major Interval Service - A regular maintenance service every 2,000 hours.  Cromer technicians perform a 100-point inspection, conduct tune-ups and corrective repairs. Schedule maintenance today!
Minor Forklift Maintenance Service in California

Major Interval Service - Critical Forklift Maintenance Every 2,000 Hours

Cromer recommends a Major Interval Service every 2,000 hours of forklift operation.  The service includes over 100 check points on the forklift, cooling system flush, tune ups and more.  All makes and models are covered.

We provide a special rental rate while your forklifts are undergoing service, too.  So your yard isn't stalled in the meantime.  See below for details.

Here's what's included in our Major Interval Maintenance Service.

  • Complete Steam Clean
  • Complete Planned Maintenance Service
  • Electrical System Inspection and Diagnostic
  • Hydraulic Oil and Filter Change
  • Transmission/Differential Oil and Filter
  • Cooling System Flush
  • Complete Brake Inspection - Includes new seals and
    wheel bearing repack
  • Complete Inspection of Suspension components
  • Emissions and Fuel System Inspection and Diagnostic
  • Mast Chain and Fork Inspection
  • Complete Ignition System Tune Up (Gas, LPG)
  • All makes and models up to 6k including electric -
    We have specials for 6k and up

Cromer Major Interval Maintenance Service — $1399.99

3-day turnaround on Major Interval Service.  Rentals provided for $150/day plus transportation.  call Cromer Service Center at 800-974-5438 for your next forklift repair service.

P.S. - Try an 80-volt electric forklift while your forklift is out for service!

Download the full Major Interval Service Flyer by clicking the screenshot below.

Cromer Major Interval Forklift Maintenance Service

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