Fleet Planned Maintenance

Fleet Planned Maintenance - Keep your forklift fleet in top performance with regular service checks.  Cromer Fleet Maintenance contracts are serviced out of your nearest Cromer facility.
Minor Forklift Maintenance Service in California

Fleet Planned Maintenance - Regular Forklift Repair Service for Fleets

When forklift fleets are not maintained regularly, they can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, emissions compliance fines, and major repairs.

Keep your fleet in compliance with factory standards with Cromer Planned Maintenance for Forklift Fleets. If you have over 6 forklifts in your fleet, a Fleet Maintenance contract will provide reliability with lower service costs over time.

Most Fleet Agreement services are performed at your location and include:

  1. Fleet Audit by a Cromer representative to inventory your forklifts and set your maintenance schedule
  2. Organize forklift service area for safety
  3. Over 40 checks & tests run per forklift, including:
    • Mast Chain and Fork Inspection
    • Complete Ignition System Checkup
    • Cooling System Inspection
    • Check brake fluid, drive axle fluid, transmission fluid
    • Check master cylinder (fill if necessary)
    • Test service and emergency brakes, adjust
    • Test lights, alarm, steering
    • Emissions and Fuel System Inspection and Diagnostic
    • [Electric] Load test and Inspect battery compartment
    • [Electric] Check & lubricate grease fittings
    • [Electric] Verify brake pedal linkage is properly adjusted (adjust if not)
    • [Electric] Test speed control/smooth acceleration
    • [Electric] Check for fault codes

While we're on-site, let us help you with:

  • Repair service for damaged or "aged" equipment
  • Disposal of retired forklifts, batteries and warehouse rack
  • Safety training certification for forklift operators

Cromer Fleet Planned Maintenance Contracts — Starting at $79.50 Per Unit Serviced (plus parts)*

All forklift types can be serviced with Cromer Fleet Planned Maintenance. Forklift rentals provided for $100/day plus transportation (Special Fleet Maintenance Rental rate). Try a clean fuel 80-volt electric forklift while you wait!

Has it been over 150 hours since you’ve done preventative maintenance on your fleet? If so (or your fleet maintenance schedule is not standardized), it’s time to call Cromer!

Download the full Minor Planned Maintenance Flyer by clicking the screenshot below.

*Offer is for new customers only. Prices subject to change depending on forklift size.

Forklift Fleet Planned Maintenance Service

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