Warehousing Supplies

Cromer and its Northern California facilities have everything you need to design and build out a complete functioning warehouse. Rack and shelving, design assistance and more.

Rack, Shelving and Warehouse Storage Solutions from Cromer

Need quality rack and shelving for your warehouses? Come to Cromer. Three Northern California locations to serve you - Sacramento, Oakland and Manteca.

We stock all types of new and used rack & shelving at our facilities. Everything from boltless free-standing shelving to high-load warehouse rack.

Plus we have the forklifts and material handling equipment to help you set up and run your warehouses. Need advice on logistics?  Warehouse organization? Call the Forklift Boss!

Here's some of our rack and shelving inventory. Check back--these items change often. If you see some supplies your warehouse needs, call Cromer right away.


In 2010, Cromer Material Handling joint ventured with California Storage Systems and Northern Steel to supply our customer base with 100% of its material handling needs.

California Storage Systems brings 25 years of Material Handling experience to Cromer, and is available to help with outfitting your warehouse or commercial property.

Speak with a warehousing supplies specialist at 800-974-5438

Rack and Shelving Brands Carried

Hannibal (Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks)

Western Pacific (Steel Shelving, Multilevel Shelving Systems)

Southworth Lift Tables

Industrial Lockers, Storage and More!

144" x 42" Uprights

Warehouse Uprights

Stacks of 144" uprights for sale. Only $80.89 each.

192" x 42" Uprights

Cromer has brand-new 192" uprights available. $106.41 per unit.

NEW! 42" Wire Deck

Stacks of wire decking, only $17.95 per unit!

Heavy-Duty Metal Shelving

Used Shelving

7' high metal shelving, 36" x 18". Ideal for parts storage. $65.

15-Gauge Beams

Warehouse Beams

96"x4" warehouse beams, 5,000lb capacity. $21.20 per unit.

Boltless Shelving (Used)

Boltless Shelving for Warehouse or Commercial

Comes with wood.  Only 1 size left!
7' high, 36" x 36" - $70

18"x48" Metal Shelves

18x48 Industrial Shelving

7' high metal shelving, 18" x 48". We have over 200 of these. Only $85 each—a "steel"!