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Sometimes simple is all you need, and our manual pallet jacks simply get the job done.  Also known as Pallet Trucks and Walkie Jacks.  You're definitely in the right place!
CAT (Caterpillar) LogoCAT Manual Pallet Jack
Cat Pallet Jacks - $299 at Our Oakland Cromer Facility

These CAT pallet jacks are hard to keep in stock—everyone wants them! With a load capacity of 5,500 lbs, it serves everywhere from the store aisles to the warehouse dock. Large polyurethane wheels give them long life and improved stability. The pallet jack rolls quietly and doesn't scratch up floors.

Linde Pallet Jack

The Linde walkie pallet truck is a rugged all-day worker. These jacks use fiberglass-reinforced materials and a low chassis to guard against accidents or breakdowns. This also covers the wheels, so they don't catch debris...or a worker's shoe. Safety first!

Cromer stocks Linde walkies with load capacities of up to 4,400 lbs. You'll find them in stock in our Manteca facility.

In stock in Sacramento and Manteca.  Only $269!

The Doosan hand pallet truck is consistently reliable. With a load capacity of 5,500 lbs. It is the ideal hand pallet truck for most material handling needs.  Totally enclosed bearings guard against failure from dust and prolongs service life. Steel drawbar with protected handle for safety and strength. Pivot mounted large polyurethane steer wheels ensure stability on uneven surfaces.  202° steer handle arc enables easy maneuvering of pallet truck in confined areas.  Large polyurethane wheels for long life and improved stability. It is also quiet rolling and protects floors.
Technical Data
Load capacity: 5,500 lbs.
Lift (H2): 7.7”
Lowered height (H1): 2.9”
Steer wheels (A): 7.1” x 2.0”
Load wheels (B): 2.9” x 3.7”
Fork length (L): 48”
Fork width (W): 27”
Total weight: 202 lbs.


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