Forklift Types/IC Pneumatic Tire

Looking for IC pneumatics? Here are the forklift brands you'll need. We also carry electric pneumatic forklift, which are more productive than IC. You'll find them at the Electric Indoor/Outdoor Pneumatic Forklifts page.
Rugged Cat® IC pneumatic-tire forklifts offer a range from 3,000lb - 33,000lb capacity. and combine their new contemporary look with a highly engineered design that delivers horsepower and performance for exceptional productivity.

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Durable, dependable and operator friendly pneumatic-tire lift trucks ranging in capacity from 3,000lbs to 36,000lbs that provide a well-balanced mix of enhanced technology, comfort refinements, performance efficiencies & serviceability.

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Kalmar is the world's leader in large forklifts. You'll see Kalmar in most ports & heavy-duty applications. 65% of the world's large-scale forklifts are Kalmar.

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