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Use an electric pneumatic-tire forklift inside the warehouse or outdoors on the lot. Their performance exceeds IC forklifts, they can go 2 to 3 shifts per charge, and they're green-friendly.
Electric Indoor-Outdoor Lift Trucks for Sale and Rent
BYD LogoBYD ECB30 Electric Forklift
BYD is a 100% green electric!  These trucks have industry-changing batteries powering them.  It's better technology for a better forklift.

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CAT and Jungheinrich began a joint venture in 2010. Jungheinrich is the #1 Electric forklift brand worldwide. And with Caterpillar's warranty and parts guarantee, we can now offer technology where 2-3 shifts per battery is the norm.

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Doosan's Microcommand technology has been around for 30 years. With Doosan's advanced A/C controllers and 80-volt technology, its electric forklifts plow through industrial tasks. Oh, and they have oil-cooled brakes for quick stopping. Don't be bashful around this forklift!

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17,500lb capacity, two 80-volt batteries, 100% green…and it'll outperform a large diesel type forklift easily. You can count on 12 hours of constant productivity from just one Kalmar electric indoor/outdoor forklift. All with zero emissions.

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