Forklift Brands/Forklift Brands Overview

Cromer offers the most complete line up in Northern California of New and Used Forklifts! BYD, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, Princeton, Doosan, Kalmar and Donkey brand forklifts. As well as parts and repair service for these same brands.
CAT Lift Trucks

Engineered for performance in demanding industrial and manufacturing environments, Cat® 3,000lb - 36,000lb capacity cushion tire forklifts optimize operator comfort and deliver a workhorse package of travel, lift and lowering speeds to maximize productivity.


Kalmar ship-to-shore and container handling solutions are used in ports and terminals around the world. Many of the world's high-traffic sea ports run on Kalmar.  Cromer is Northern California's leader in supplying Kalmar forklifts to ports, heavy-duty construction and container handling operations.

 Princeton Forklift Brand

Princeton’s line of PiggyBack forklifts are ideal for hauling building materials. With load capacities ranging from 3,600 to 8,000 pounds, Princeton has the broadest range of three-wheel Hydrostatic Drive truck-mounted forklifts.

BYD Forklift Brand

The forklifts that will change the industry.  BYD forklifts are 100% electric, 100% green, and 100% ready for all material loads.  No fire risk, no dangerous chemicals.  Capacities from 3,000lb to 10,000lb and up.  You will ONLY find BYD forklifts in California at Cromer locations.


The Jungheinrich Group is one of the world's 3 largest suppliers of industrial trucks and materials flow technology. In Europe, Jungheinrich is #1 in warehousing technology.  Stackers for short distances, stand-ons for longer, electric forklift chargers and more.

 Linde Forklift Brand

Linde forklifts are made to put in long hard hours. Their hydrostatic pumps make it easy to drive the forklifts backwards & forwards repeatedly. Their ROI is unmatched. These forklifts will go 20,000 hours in their lifetimes...longer than most others!

Doosan Brand Forklifts

Doosan® offers heart-of-the-line Forklifts ranging in capacity from 3,000lbs to 55,000lbs that offer a durable and robust design, as well as an emphasis on operator comfort and attention to ease of service that make even the most demanding material handling applications easier.

Donkey trailer-mounted forklifts are great for mid-sized outdoor payloads. Donkeys use a simple & efficient design: the power shift transmission with torque converter is totally enclosed in an oil bathed drive unit, making them super-reliable. 3,000lb to 5,000lb capacities.

 Sellick Rough Terrain Forklifts

Sellick makes rough terrain forklifts. When you need extra power, but still want a smaller truck, you'll want a Sellick. With capacities up to 16,000lb, they're ideal for new construction sites. The raised cabs include rubber mounts and extra safety features, to protect operators.