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Give yourself a break and see how material handling is done the hard way! ENJOY!

What Were They Thinking?

This slideshow will show you what really happens when you overload or rush at a work site. No one was hurt in these situations, but they could have been!   So relax for a moment, enjoy the slideshow . . . but remember.  DON'T try this at work!

Forklifting a Forklift With a Forklift = Dangerous!

I'm sure some of you have seen this video by now. It shows a forklift operator trying to put a large parcel in a shipping truck. But he can't quite push the parcel fully into the truck. So what does he do? Asks a buddy for help.

The buddy drives another forklift up behind him...and lifts HIS forklift into the truck!

Here's the video:

And a Yahoo News article on it: A Forklift Gets a Lift...from a Forklift - Yahoo! News

Yes, it's funny to watch. But you might think, "That looks really dangerous."

Because it is. It's dangerously unsafe to lift a forklift with another forklift. But even worse--the original forklift driver is sitting IN the forklift while it's lifted! And there are people close by!

This could have gone very bad, very fast. Cromer Material Handling advises ALL our customers never to allow such activities with your trucks. Keep your workers safe.

Unsafe Material Handling - Bulldozer Drop Goes Awry

Great example of how NOT to lift industrial equipment! A crane lifting a bulldozer...which doesn't quite make it.

Top 10 Forklift Accidents

Sit back and be amazed at these huge forklift accidents. And pray you never see anything like it in your warehouse!


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Play it safe!
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