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Cromer's Competitors: Low-End to Name Brand Sellers in Northern California

If you’re out to save money on a forklift right now, consider this:

Do you want to grow INTO your forklift, or do you want to OUTGROW it and have to buy another one in 2 years because of high maintenance costs. To call a forklift dealer for a repair is at least $200!

Cromer Material Handling sells forklifts for all industries. We sell new and used forklifts and attachments with the best parts, service and rental operations in Northern California.  We are unique in that we carry 7 major brands of forklifts. Why? So that our customers have the widest selection possible for their material handling needs. You can get a forklift from Anybody but you can't get our great staff anywhere else! 

If you call us looking for a low-end forklift, I’ll send you to one of the companies below.

Yes, I’m actually putting competitors’ names and phone numbers on MY website. That’s how confident I am in our company's products, service, and rental departments. Our material handling equipment isn’t the cheapest, but it is the best you’ll find for the price in Northern California and beyond. Going into our 25th year in business our experienced staff continues to help grow our business.

This page is just one way we prove it. Please, shop around. Tell them Marshall at Cromer Material Handling sent you.


  1. Craig Kinney, Richmond.  510-220-3306
  2. Forklift Mobile, Benicia. 707-747-7030    
  3. Eldorado Forklift, Redwood City. 650-361-1666
  4. Rolco Material Handling, North Highlands 916-225-2947
  5. Sunrise Forklift, San Jose. 408-298-3212
  6. San Jose Forklift, San Jose. 408-287-1816
  7. Patterson Forklift, Hayward. 510-582-1133
  8. Fraga Forklift, Sacramento. 916-929-2961
  9. Simpson Forklift, Fairfield- 916-284-7559


  1. CROMER MATERIAL HANDLING (ALL CLASSES) - CATERPILLAR, JUNGHEINRICH, BYD, DOOSAN, KALMAR, DONKEY, LIFT KING, COMBILIFT. 510-534-6566 (Oakland) 916-271-2004 (Sacramento) 209-465-8987 (Stockton). Serving ALL of Northern California.
  2. Pape Material Handling – Hyster (all classes), Genie, – Northern California. 510-659-4100 (Fremont) 916-641-3434 (Stockton)
  3. Toyota Material Handling – Toyota (all classes), – Bay Area/Sacramento. 510-675-0500 / 916-376-0500
  4. Pacific Material Handling – Yale (all classes) – Northern California. 510-429-0303 / 916-383-1547
  5. Crown Forklifts – Crown (class II and III) – Northern California. 510-471-7272 / 916-760-2657
  6. Raymond Forklifts – Raymond (class II and III) – Northern California. 510-745-7500 / 916-928-1400
  7. Forklift Sales of Sacramento – Mitsubishi (all classes)  – Central Valley. 916-371-6165 / 209-933-0206
  8. JM Equipment – Nissan (class I, IV, V) – Central Valley. 916-372-0772 / 209-522-5980
  9. Globe-Bay Area Forklift – Hyster, Gradall – San Francisco. 415-647-6990

Please note: If you need to RENT a forklift, not all of my competitors provide rentals that are CARB Compliant or late model. For the models we have available, visit our Forklift Rentals page.

Remember, do you want to GROW INTO your forklift, or do you want to OUTGROW it? If you want a forklift that keeps up with your business, we’re ready to help. You can get a good one for $300 bucks a month!  With good credit $300 bucks a month will keep your operation running smoothly with our outstanding Parts and Service department to always keep you up and running.

Marshall Cromer
The Forklift Boss

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