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  • A Message to all Komatsu Customers

    by Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss | Jul 17, 2017

    Komatsu’s Oakland and Stockton locations are closing July 30, 2017.

    Now, I’m a competitive business owner. But my staff and I were sorry to hear of the closure. We know most of the staff at Komatsu. They’re good, hard-working people. If Cromer can assist them after the facility closes, we will.

    What’s also important are the Komatsu Oakland and Stockton customers. They will need help going forward, both in material handling equipment and in service. Cromer is here, and ready to help you with both.

    • If you have forklifts on lease through Komatsu: You’ll need replacements fast when those leases expire. Cromer has electric forklifts ready for lease out of our Oakland and Manteca facilities.
    • If Komatsu technicians serviced your forklifts: Bring them over to Cromer. Our technicians are trained to service multiple forklifts. We also hope to have some Komatsu technicians join our team very soon.

    Because you’ll need to keep workers going, we’re offering a special deal for Komatsu customers.


    This deal will stand until January 1, 2018. Every business moves at its own pace, especially when you lose a supplier & have to adapt. I want Cromer there when you need us.

    Do you know a Komatsu customer, or staff member? Please forward this post to them.

    ~Marshall Cromer, Cromer Material Handling

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